Uniting labour in our community

VDLC in the community

Protein for People

Connecting Labour to Communities

Protein for People is a labour initiative funded by union donations and the United Way to provide “labour fished and processed” canned salmon to food banks across BC.

A growing number of people – both working and unemployed – are forced to turn to food banks to feed their families.  In fact, children now make up over 45% of BC food bank users.

Protein is critical to a healthy diet and crucial to mental and physical development.  Protein for People donates union laboured canned salmon, and now peanut butter as well, and helps food banks to maximize their purchasing power through large volume buying.

Each year, Protein for People partners with labour councils to host community forums to connect people with valuable resources and with the labour movement.



Camp Jubilee

The VDLC has been a long time supporter of Camp Jubilee.  For over 79 years Camp Jubilee has been helping ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience camp, regardless of their families economic situation.  Check out their website to learn more about the camp and see how you can get involved, by helping to send a child to camp, volunteering, or many other ways.