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Day of Mourning – April 28

The Federal Government has responded to call for action and has announced plans to enforce the Westray Law; a law which would impose criminal liability on organizations and its representatives for negligence.


Message from Hassan Yussuff, CLC President

Today, the CLC has secured another significant victory for workers across Canada.

Last year, we dedicated the April 28th Day of Mourning to winning a nationwide ban on asbestos. Just eight months later, the government announced that ban and followed through on a promise to join the international call to add asbestos to the list of hazardous substances listed in the Rotterdam Convention.

This year, we dedicated the Day of Mourning to a call for the enforcement of the Westray provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada. I am pleased to report that the government has responded to our call for action, and has announced its plans to enforce the Westray Law. For the details of the government’s announcement, follow this link: https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/news/2017/04/joint_statement_byministershajduandwilson-raybouldonnationaldayo.html

Below you will find the CLC media release responding to this announcement. We ask that you share it widely through your networks. Follow this link for the CLC statement: http://documents.clc-ctc.ca/communications/2017-04-27-WestrayReleaseFinal-EN.pdf

This April 28th, we honour our fallen sisters and brothers, but we must continue to fight for the living by calling on the provinces and territories to work closely with the federal government on an urgent action plan to enforce the Westray Law. Please share our petition: www.RememberWestray.com

I want to thank the United Steelworkers for their tireless efforts to amend the Criminal Code, and to everyone who fought so hard to enforce this law and protect the lives of workers across this country.

In solidarity, Hassan Yussuff, CLC President

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