City of North Vancouver to Become Living Wage Employer!

March 30, 2021

At their March 29th meeting, City of North Vancouver’s Mayor and Council voted unanimously to become a living wage employer!

The living wage is the hourly rate of pay that a family needs to cover basic expenses such as food, clothing, rental housing, child care, transportation, and small savings to cover illness or emergencies. The living wage is adjusted annually to account for changes in the cost of living in a given region.

The City of North Vancouver’s decision to certify with the Living Wage for Families Campaign as a living wage employer means that all of its direct and contracted workers will be guaranteed to make at least the living wage for the lower mainland region. This is a great step toward ensuring good jobs that sustain families and communities. 

We were happy to join with the Living Wage for Families Campaign in advocating for this important policy. We thank Councillor Angela Girard for bringing forward the motion and for all of her work and advocacy on this issue, and Mayor Linda Buchanan and all of the Councillors for their support. 

The city will be joining a long list of municipalities and other employers, including the VDLC, who are proudly living wage certified. 

The motion, and video of the meeting are available on the City of North Vancouver website

For more information on the Living Wage for Families Campaign, visit their website

Photo credit: Living Wage for Families Campaign.

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