VDLC Supports Decriminalization of Sex Work

May 19, 2020

At its May 19, 2020, regular meeting, VDLC delegates votes in favour of a motion to support the decriminalization of sex work. The vote represents an important step in ensuring that the labour council’s solidarity can truly be with all workers. 

The adopted motion, recommended by the Executive Board, did not call for engagement in immediate specific activities on the issue, but opens the way for future actions. The motion reads as follows: 

Subject:  Decriminalize Sex Work

BECAUSE ‘Sex work’ is defined by Amnesty International to mean the exchange of sexual services (involving sexual acts) between consenting adults for some form of remuneration, with the terms agreed between the seller and the buyer; and

BECAUSE while there is still a stigma that remains attached to sex workers, this is about human rights of workers to safety and protections under the law. What we want for ourselves, we desire for all; and

BECAUSE it is important for organizations like ours to step up to recognize the dangers that exist for these workers and the need to have protections available in order for them to have equal access to justice, health care, as well as to leave sex work if and when they choose to do so,

THE VANCOUVER AND DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL WILL publicly support the decriminalization of sex work.

Photo credit: Pivot Legal Society

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