Labour History

Learning labour history provides a long view of our experience as workers and the labour movement. Until the late 1800s it was illegal to even form a union in Canada. 

In subsequent decades the labour movement has grown to become one of the most effective vehicles for social justice, but it’s been a bumpy road with lots of ups and downs. Unions have helped to advance human and worker rights on a broad scale, but also have a history of exclusion, racism, discrimination and protectionism. Understanding this history is key to strengthening the labour movement for the future. We highly recommend checking out these resources already available at the BC Labour Heritage Centre

BC Labour Heritage Centre

Blogs and Articles. Browse through well written articles on various labour history topics. 

Articles and Research. The BC Labour Heritage Centre commissions articles on various topics in labour history, including topics that are reflected in their Plaques Around the Province Project.

BC Labour History. Learn about key topics important to BC Labour History such as On-To-Ottawa Trek, Ginger Goodwin, and 1919 BC and Winnipeg General Strike. 

Labour Education for Students. The Labour History Project is a group of committed BC teachers — currently teaching and retired — who prepare lesson content on labour history for the BC school curriculum. This project operates in partnership with the BC Teachers’ Federation. Check out lesson plans, short videos, and more. 

Podcasts. Listen to Labour History podcasts while in the car or on a run. 

Projects. The BC Labour Heritage Centre is involved with many meaningful labour history projects! 

Video Gallery. Movie night with friends or family? Why not make it fun and educational by watching a video from this BC labour history collection.