Steward Training

From the basics of investigating and presenting a grievance, to labour law workshops on complex emerging issues, every unionized workplace benefits from stewards who have training.  

Core programs provide important training in how to read collective agreement language, building your case,  presentation skills, record keeping and facing management.

Equally important are the legal context, labour history and understanding the economic frameworks that shape labour relations, social expectations and movements.

Canadian Labour Congress Union Steward Handbook

The Canadian Labour Congress provides this Union Steward Handbook to help new union stewards, but anyone can learn from it. As a worker, whether you are in a union or not, there is much here that can equip you to face the many challenges of today’s more precarious employment environment. Download the interactive PDF union steward handbook AND/OR download the print-ready version.

This 99-page handbook includes: 

  • The Role of Stewards
  • Skills and Tools Stewards Need
  • Member Engagement
  • The Collective Agreement
  • Grievance Handling
  • Arbitration
  • Unions and Political Action
  • …and much more!  

Other Union Steward Resources and Training

Other valuable resources and training can be found on specific union websites (especially the larger ones!), as well as the Vancouver & District Labour Council Education page. Please note that although the example resources below may be tailored to specific labour unions, they can be used as a helpful general reference for any and all stewards/activists.