Tell Minister Whiteside: School rankings are harmful and undermine public education

October 20, 2021

Every year, students in grades 4 and 7 lose nearly four hours of valuable learning time to write the Foundational Skills Assessment (FSA), a province-wide standardized test. The results are collated by the BC Ministry of Education; however, detailed individual student results are not shared with teachers or parents.

Even more disturbing is that these tests are used by the Fraser Institute to create unscientific provincial school rankings. These rankings serve no purpose as they do not inform distribution of resources based on need. The rankings disproportionately affect students in low-income and racialized communities, often resulting in diminished senses of pride and community for students, families, and staff.

The FSA is unreliable, unhelpful and a distraction from the important learning and authentic assessment happening in my child’s classroom. This test is not a required part of the BC curriculum and I don’t want my child participating. 

Despite years of controversy, this government continues to support the Fraser Institute rankings by insisting on implementing this divisive test. I believe this government can, and should, do better. Cancel the FSA!

Sign the petition to end the FSA here.

Text and image credit: BC Teachers’ Federation. 

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