End Stigma. Save Lives.

February 18, 2021

The City of Vancouver is seeking Federal Government approval for the decriminalization of personal possession of drugs. This is an important step in ending stigma and saving lives. 

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The VDLC supports Mayor Kennedy Stewart and Vancouver City Council in their efforts to decriminalize personal drug possession in the city. Criminalization has done nothing to reduce instances or drug addiction, or end the horrifying loss of life caused by poisoned illicit drugs. This is a public health emergency. It’s time to take real action to end stigma and save lives. 

Please click here to send the following message to Prime Minister Trudeau and Federal Minister’s. 

Mayor Kennedy Stewart is calling for decriminalizing simple possession of all drugs through a federal health exemption.

Last December, City Council voted in favour of the Mayor’s motion to embrace a public health approach to substance use in Vancouver.

Now, we need to encourage the Prime Minister and Cabinet to listen to the growing consensus in Vancouver and enable our health exemption for decriminalization.

Decriminalization is an urgent and necessary next step backed by Premier John Horgan, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Sheila Malcolmson, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, Vancouver Coastal Health’s Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Patricia Daly, the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, PIVOT Legal, Moms Stop the Harm, and countless others.

They agree that personal possession and use of drugs is not a criminal justice issue. It is a public health issue. And it is time to end the stigma around substance use to help connect more of our neighbours to health care and save lives.

Please contact Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and cabinet and ask them to continue working with Vancouver to decriminalize simple possession of all drugs through a federal health exemption.

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