Charter of Rights & Freedoms: Part I – Protecting Freedoms on the Picket Line

April 12, 2024 at
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM PST
Maritime Labour Centre 111 Victoria Drive Vancouver, BC V5L 4C4

IN Person at the Maritime Labour Centre

Charter I examines how the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects the ability of unions to strike and  picket. Participants will learn how the law is applied by the Courts and the Labour Relations Board to allow or restrict picketing at primary, secondary, and common sites. Every union representative organizing a picket line needs to know how and why the Supreme Court of Canada has recognized that picketing is protected by the freedom of expression and striking is protected by freedom of association. The purpose of this course is to enable unions to run picket lines with maximum effectiveness while minimizing the opportunities for employers to bring legal action against unions.

Facilitator: Craig Bavis
Craig Bavis represented the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour in the groundbreaking 2015 Supreme Court of Canada case which established the Charter protecting the right to strike.

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