Investigations & Interrogations Level I

September 11, 2024 at
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM PST
Maritime Labour Centre 111 Victoria Drive Vancouver, BC V5L 4C4

IN PERSON at the Maritime Labour Centre
9.30am to 4.00pm

Picture this: you are a shop steward and get a request from an HR Manager to sit in on an interview of a union member as part of an investigation; they won’t tell you or the worker what it’s about, and the manager is vague and accusatory and threatens to discipline the member if they do not cooperate. What can you do as a shop steward? How do you best represent the member and reduce the possibility of discipline? At discipline arbitrations the employer’s key evidence is their investigation. This course will help you, as a worker’s advocate, level the playing field by knowing the scope of the rights of employees and employers in investigations.

Facilitator: Mary Thibodeau, Moore Edgar Lyster
Mary Thibodeau is a labour, employment, and human rights lawyer at Moore Edgar Lyster LLP who represents both unions and individual workers. Mary has previously been a shop steward and organizer for a public sector union. Mary is excited to be returning to the VDLC to participate in the knowledge exchange and lively discussions amongst unions and workers during the VDLC Labour Education Series.