Extend Recall Rights to Teachers of ILSC Vancouver

March 9, 2021

Recall rights for ILSC teachers are expiring due to long-term layoffs brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Tell ILSC to extend recall rights and protect the jobs of these teachers! 

Except from ILSC Teachers of Vancouver petition: 

ILSC is a leading provider of education to English students in Canada and other locations worldwide. Since the Pandemic began, more than 90% of teachers have been temporarily laid off due to the worldwide border closures and health orders from the Government of Canada. Under these extraordinary circumstances, many companies and educational institutions have postponed any workforce terminations in an act of good faith and an appreciation of their employees’ contributions in pre-pandemic times. This has indeed happened at ILSC’s sister school in Toronto, giving piece of mind and optimism to the majority of teachers who are presently unemployed after devoting many years, some as much as 20 to help ILSC achieve it’s position as one of the most outstanding E.S.L. (English as a Second Language) schools. An extension of recall rights has also been granted to all other unionized ESL schools in Vancouver.

This extension of recall rights has not happened at ILSC Vancouver, unfortunately, meaning the majority of long-serving and passionate teachers are expected to be terminated in the near future. By April, 45% of teachers will have been terminated through no fault of their own. So far, termination letters have included an invitation to reapply for their jobs. However, it is expected that if rehired, they may be rehired starting at a much lower pay scale and without the same benefits the teachers had previously worked for years to get.

English teachers in general not just at ILSC have contributed so much to their schools over many years, working together to provide enriching learning experiences to many students from all over the world as well as contributing to Vancouver’s rich cultural identity and economic growth. The international student industry provides over 170,000 jobs and is worth $22 billion to Canada’s economy (2019 CIC NEWS)

What we are asking for is your help in making ILSC Group realise it needs to do the right thing for ILSC Vancouver, too, and protect some of the people who have made them a success over the last 30 years by extending recall rights and giving many great teachers a chance to teach again when the pandemic is over. If you think that is not too much to ask, please sign this petition. 

Learn more and sign the petition HERE

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