Labour Council Releases Municipal Polling Results

June 23, 2021

The Vancouver and District Labour Council is releasing the results of recent polling conducted on their behalf in the City of Vancouver by Research Co. The poll explores voter attitudes toward, and recognition of political parties and potential candidates. The results include a notably strong showing for Mayor Kennedy Stewart, with 49% approval.

The poll is being viewed positively by the Labour Council, which will be embarking on its endorsement process starting this Fall and is encouraging broad progressive cooperation.

“I think the poll confirms much of our earlier analysis,” says VDLC President Stephen von Sychowski. “The right is divided, and losing traction, but it’s also true that there is nobody across the spectrum who is poised to win a majority mandate on their own. Progressives need real and sustained cooperation in order to win next Fall.”

The Council also polled voters on their preferred form of government post-election, finding the strongest showing (43%) expressing support for a coalition government. “The majority of Vancouver voters are progressive,” von Sychowski contends, “and they want to see people working together across party lines at least when it comes to the big issues such as the housing affordability and homelessness crisis, opioid crisis, and climate change.”

The Labour Council will endorse a slate including a Mayor, and no more than ten candidates for Vancouver City Council, nine for School Board, and seven for Park Board, starting with reviewing incumbents for potential re-endorsement later this year.

Research Co. Factum

Research Co. Tables

“Vancouver mayoral race: (Very) early pre-election polling has Stewart at 49 per cent approval” (The Vancouver Sun)

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