Make it Public

May 28, 2021

We support the Hospital Employees’ Union in their Make It Public campaign to end privatization in BC’s hospitals. 

Please send a message to your MLA in support of public healthcare. 

From the HEU’s Make It Public page: 

This pandemic has taught us all to value what’s really important.
Like public health care – and the team of frontline hospital workers across B.C.
Many of those workers keep our hospitals clean and safe, and prepare and deliver meals to patients.
Cleaning and dietary staff are critical to quality health care.

So why are these hospital workers earning less today than 20 years ago?
For too long, these members of the health care team have been forced to work outside B.C.’s public health care system – for private corporations that profit while paying lower wages to workers.
Privatization in B.C. hospitals has failed. High workloads and staff turnover undermines care and hurts front-line workers.
It’s time for a change.

The B.C. government has committed to making these hospital services public and reuniting the health care team.
It’s the right thing to do – for patients, for workers, for safer hospitals and better care.

But we need your help to turn the government’s commitment into action.
Show your support for public health care. And together, we can get private companies out of B.C. hospitals.

Support public health care, Email Your MLA

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