New VDLC Anti-Racism Committee Founded!

November 18, 2020

At our November regular meeting, VDLC delegates voted unanimously to found a new Anti-Racism Committee. 

Following suggestions from delegates earlier this year, three meetings were held to bring together VDLC delegates and affiliate members with an interest in working together on anti-racism. Over 50 workers attended these initial meetings, and a working group was formed to draft a motion (below) for consideration at the November meeting. The motion was then endorsed by the Executive Board and approved by the regular meeting. 

If you are interested in joining the VDLC’s new Anti-Racism Committee, please email to be included in its first meeting later this year. 

Subject: Creation of Vancouver and District Labour Council Anti-Racism Committee

BECAUSE the VDLC recognizes the undermining and disruption of Indigenous peoples in their unceded lands, and that we have a responsibility to challenge colonialism for the better of our shared future together; and

BECAUSE the VDLC has reaffirmed its longstanding commitment to opposing racism in Canada, acknowledging that racism must not be downplayed or dismissed, and recognizing that colonization and racism have created systemic and inter-generational barriers to equity which require our labor movement to press not just for anti-racist education but for systemic societal change; and

BECAUSE the VDLC has stated that the labor movement is a movement for all workers who must stand together regardless of place of origin, nationality, refugee, immigrant, or citizenship status, recognizing that racist discrimination harms all workers by dividing us, thereby weakening our movement, and undermines our collective strength and the well-being of our society; and

BECAUSE the VDLC recognizes that meaningful change centers the voices and experiences of those most impacted by racism and colonialism, and affirms our commitment to working with our affiliates, the BC Federation of Labour, and the Canadian Labour Congress in conjunction with government, Indigenous peoples, civil society, and communities, to develop intersectionality-informed policies, programs, and initiatives to combat racism and bigotry of all forms.

THE VANCOUVER AND DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL WILL create a committee known as the VDLC Anti-Racism Committee.

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