People in Iran need your support

November 20, 2019

We received the following message from the Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran regarding the mass protests taking place in Iran. Please read on and do what you can to help. 

To: Trade unions, labour and human rights organisations and concerned individuals

Recent waves of demonstrations and unrest in Iran since Friday 15 Nov 2019

The Islamic regime has cut internet connections, shot more than 10 protesters and arrested thousands. People in Iran need your support

The triple petrol price hike overnight has sparked waves of demonstrations and protests in many cities across Iran. Iranian people, fed-up with recent and colossal price hikes on their food and other essentials, took to the street when the Islamic regime announced the triple petrol prices hike on Friday. They have been parking their cars to block the streets, petrol stations and main highways to show their protest. They have been bravely confronting the security guard who shoots to kill them. They have been relentlessly showing their anger and frustrations at the elites of the Islamic regime, including Rouhani and the Supreme Leader Khamenei, who have pockets public money at the expense of imposing sheer poverty to millions of women, men, and children. People in Iran are on the streets calling ‘death to dictatorship’, ‘Death to Khamenei’ and other slogans which target the entire Islamic regime. The petrol price hike has been the tipping point which brought the unrest to a new level across Iran and the regime elites have been seriously shaken by these widespread demonstrations.

The regime cut internet connections to stop news of the demonstrations leaking to the outside world. However, ignoring all these threats and deprivations, people in Iran have been showing their anger and frustrations with the regime. These demonstrations bring to mind the uprising two years ago in 2017 when thousands were arrested, tortured and six people died as a result of being tortured. 

This time, people in Iran, unfazed by the brutality and criminality of the security guards, continue their demonstrations against the Islamic regime and they need your support. Your support would echo their voice across the world and counteract the Islamic regime’s murderous attempt to silence the demonstrators. Your support by being the voice of these demonstrators across the globe would be a decisive response to the Islamic regime’s attempt to cut the internet with the hope of keeping Iranians in isolation. Your support of Iranian demonstrators is urgently needed.     

Please send your protest letters to the Islamic regime in Iran and demand the releases of all detainees, to stop arresting protesters. 

For more information please contact:

Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI)

Shiva Mahbobi, spokesperson     +44(0) 7572356661  

How You Can Give Support:  

·         Take a few moments to send your message of solidarity to people in Iran and demand the release of detainees and the political prisoners. You can send your letter either to the government in Iran or the embassies of the regime in different countries. The contact information is provided below.

·         Issue a statement from your union/organisation to demand the immediate release of the recent arrestees

·         Send a letter to your government and urge them to break their political ties with the regime in Iran and issue a public statement to condemn the crackdown on the protesters and to demand the release of the recent arrestees.

·         Tweet using hashtag #IranProtest


I demand immediate and unconditional releaseofallthedetainees. #IranProtest Stop arresting protesters.

Sample Letter:

I demand the immediate and unconditional releaseofallthedetainees. Stop arresting protesters.



Hassan Rouhani , Email: , Twitter: @HassanRouhani

Ali Khamenei Email: Twitter: @khamenei_ir

Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations


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