Protecting Tenants – Taking Action Against Renovictions

October 2, 2020

On October 6, Vancouver City Council will debate a motion tabled by Mayor Kennedy Stewart and titled “Protecting Tenants – Taking Action Against Renovictions”.

The VDLC strongly supports this motion, and encourages delegates and others concerned about affordable housing and tenants rights in Vancouver to sign up to speak in support and/or to submit a message in writing indicating your support to Mayor and Council. 

The meeting agenda, and links to submit comments or sign up to speak, can be found HERE

We wrote to Mayor and Council regarding this matter on February 19 of this year, following the adoption of a motion calling for improved renter protections by our delegates. We continue to support the implementation of stronger protections for renters, as contemplated in this motion.

Improved protections for tenants facing renoviction are one crucial piece of the puzzle in protecting what affordability does exist in our current housing market, and therefore positioning our city to expand on that affordability more successfully going forward.

We consider it essential to take bold steps to both protect and expand affordability if we are to stem the tide of working people forced to move from the city to surrounding municipalities in search of more affordable housing options. When those who work in our city cannot afford to also live there, it can cause harm to their quality of life, our city, and our environment.

We would also encourage Council to consider the addition of demovictions to the language of this motion. Further, given the urgency faced by many renters particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage the addition of a firm timeline for receipt of the staff report and next steps.

Thank you to Mayor Stewart for bringing this important motion forward. We hope that Council will support it resoundingly.

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