Restore IRCC Services in Havana

September 19, 2019

Back in May, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada stopped visa processing at its office in Havana, Cuba. We are calling on the IRCC to restore services fully. 

The following recommendation was adopted at the September 17, 2019, regular meeting:

Subject:  Restore IRCC Services in Havana, Cuba

BECAUSE the Government of Canada’s abrupt decision to shut down the section of its Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) Office in Havana through which visas were processed for Cuban citizens wishing to visit Canada and those seeking work or study permits; and

BECAUSE this decision followed the 50 per cent reduction in January of this year of the staff of Canada’s embassy in Cuba; and

BECAUSE Cuban citizens will now have to make their applications through a visa application centre in a third country (the nearest being Mexico); and

BECAUSE the reduction of Embassy staff and the closing of the IRCC Office have introduced unreasonable delays and significant financial obstacles for those Cubans seeking to travel to Canada, and will cause (and has caused), amongst other things, significant damage to business, cultural, scientific and sporting relations; and

BECAUSE Canada and Cuba have enjoyed uninterrupted diplomatic relations since 1945, and the reduction of Embassy staff and the closure of the IRCC Office are developments that represent a serious departure from the relations which have existed for all those years,


government to reinstate the discontinued services at the IRCC Office in Havana, so that visa processing may proceed in a reasonable manner.

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