Solidarity with Hanjin Workers

January 23, 2019

The VDLC expresses its solidarity with Hanjin Shipyard Workers’ Organization (SAMAHAN) and the Workers for People’s Liberation (WPL) in relation to the mass reductions in staffing at Hanjin Shipyards in the Philippines. SAMAHAN is one of the labour organizations supported through the Adopt an Organizer Program facilitated by the VDLC and funded by Canadian unions. 

SAMAHAN has issued the following demands aimed at mitigating the negative impact on Hanjin workers and defending their rights. 

1. To ensure affected workers are provided with the appropriate separation pay;

2. To ensure workers receive a corresponding unemployment subsidiary until new work can be found to help offset the cost of food, housing, schooling, and medical expenses of unemployed employees of Hanjin and their family; and

3. To ensure these workers return to work if and when operations restart at the shipyard, with a written and legally binding agreement between Hanjin Management, workers, and DOLE.

The VDLC has written to Secretary Silvestre Bello at the Department of Labor and Employment in support of these demands. 

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