This is our chance for fairer elections

November 6, 2018

Voting is at the heart of democracy.  As union members we understand that government matters – the choices and decisions made by government affect the lives of working people.  However, we can’t forget that how we elect government matters too!

Right now, we have a chance to decide how we will vote in future provincial elections.  It’s a choice between our current system and a new, fairer one called Proportional Representation (Pro Rep).

The basic idea behind Pro Rep is really simply – the number of votes a party gets is the same as the percentage of seats it wins. For example, 40% of the vote = 40% of the seats.

Our executive has endorsed Pro Rep and recommends you vote in favour of it.

This referendum is a mail-in ballot.  So look for your ballot package in your mailbox.  Don’t delay mailing it in!

You can get more information on Pro Rep at

This is our chance to deliver a new system of voting that makes every vote count.  We need to come together to support Pro Rep.

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