VDLC condemns stifling of public and stakeholder consultation at VSB

April 19, 2023

At the VDLC’s April regular meeting, delegates discussed their concerns regarding the increasingly closed-door approach of the Vancouver School Board. While this has been identified as an issue which has been raised by our council and others in recent years, there appears to be an accelerated drive towards this approach under the new ABC board.

Delegates adopted the following motion, which also reiterates our long-standing opposition to the closure of schools and sale of public lands. “Because” clauses are included for information purposes only.

BECAUSE the Vancouver School Board recently held a special meeting to discuss its budget, and barred public participation in the meeting; and

BECAUSE this meeting involved the discussion of matters of significant public interest, including the potential of school closures, land sales, and the over-all operation of our public education system; and

BECAUSE this is the second attempt to stifle public and stakeholder input in the first few months of this term, with the first being the proposal to merge standing committees, which was referred back to staff after stakeholder outcry,  

THE VANCOUVER AND DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL WILL condemn the closed-door approach of the ABC-majority Vancouver School Board, which is stifling public and stakeholder consultation in the operation of our public education system, and the use of public funds; and

THE VANCOUVER AND DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL WILL FURTHER reiterate its absolute opposition to the closure of public schools, and the sale of public lands.

The VDLC will continue to work with others to push for open, transparent decision making from elected representatives, and to protect our public school system and public assets from privatization.

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