VDLC Opts Not to Endorse Vision Vancouver in 2022

September 23, 2021

This week the Vancouver and District Labour Council made its first major decision regarding who it will support in the 2022 municipal elections.

At it’s September 21st regular meeting, the Council voted not to endorse Vision Vancouver candidates for the offices of Mayor and City Councillor this election.

“This was an important decision at an important time,” said VDLC President Stephen von Sychowski. “As we start our endorsement process this Fall, we are beginning to clarify which elector organizations we intend to support in 2022. Vision was resoundingly rejected in 2018 and vanished from the political scene for most of this term. The progressive political spectrum is already well represented by an array of parties. We don’t see an attempted return for Vision being constructive to our objective of ensuring a strong, cohesive progressive majority.”

The VDLC will launch its endorsement process this Fall, starting with a review of incumbents who intend to seek re-election. Decisions regarding the endorsement of incumbents are expected to be made at the January regular meeting. Council endorsements will be backed by a labour campaign independent of the efforts of candidates or elector organizations. 

“We’ll be continuing our discussions with parties and candidates who are seeking our endorsement over the coming months,” confirms von Sychowski. “We are looking forward to supporting an exciting, diverse group of candidates who are prepared to work together across party lines to implement the bold solutions we need to keep Vancouver moving forward.”

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