March Education at the VDLC

February 17, 2023
WCB Level 1
Facilitators: Sarah O’Leary, Harrison O’Leary | Niki Schnurr, HEU
Tuesday March 7
10:00am – 4:30pm
via Zoom
This class provides a basic overview of the Workers’ Compensation system as it applies to workers who are injured or develop an occupational disease on the job. The class will look at the law and policy, how decisions are made by the WCB, and how the appeal system works for those who have to argue an appeal.
Bullying and Harassment
Facilitator: Dayna Sykes, United Steel Workers
Thursday & Friday | March 9 & 10
9:30am – 4:00pm
IN Person at the Maritime Labour Centre
This class is designed to give union activisits tools to address workplace harassment and bullying. the class will look at defining harassment under prohibited grounds, as well as the legal frameworks outside of the prohibited grounds. You’ll look at workplace policies, collective agreements, contributing factors, laws, regulations and strategies to resolve complaints and support members who come forward.
Parliamentary Procedure and Effective Meetings
Facilitator: Adrienne Smith
Monday March 27
9:30am – 4:00pm
IN Person and via Zoom
This class will provide you with all the basics of parliamentary procedure and the necessary skills to run a meeting effectively. Topics covered will include the duties of a chairperson and secretary, what the rules of order are and how they work, and how the rules of order can provide a democratic and fair process to get the business of your union, labour council or other organization accomplished. 
Discipline and Discharge
Facilitators: Carmela Allevato & Karen Segal, Allevato, Quail & Roy
Tuesday March 28
9:30am – 4:00pm
Via Zoom
How do you represent a member who has been disciplined? Find out the rules that employers must follow and get up to date information on recent developments. We’ll share practical tips and strategies to assess and present a discipline grievance. 
For more information on our education program or to register, go to our Education page.

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