New Labour Education Resource for Learners and Facilitators

September 6, 2021

On Labour Day a new resource is being launched for those interested in labour education.

Last Fall, labour educators came together to found the Worker Education and Labour Learning Society (WELLS). The mission of this new organization is to promote the expansion of affordable, inclusive, accessible, high quality, and solidarity-based education for working people.

One of the ways WELLS will seek to fulfill its mission is to build a comprehensive website, for use by   both learners and facilitators in labour education. On this website you will find resources on a variety of labour education topics, related news and upcoming events, information about WELLS, and much more. Many of these sections are not yet populated at the time of launch, but additional content will be posted over the coming weeks and month and updated regularly.

The website will also feature the Compensation Café blog by WELLS Treasurer Janet Patterson, and the Labour Education blog by Chairperson Stephen von Sychowski and Secretary Joey Hartman.

You are invited to visit the new website at and sign up for our email list for future news and updates. We’d also love to hear from you about what content or resources you would find useful or would recommend that we add.

Happy Labour Day from all of us at WELLS!

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