Vancouver City Council Endorses Vote16BC!

June 25, 2021

At its June 24 meeting, Vancouver City Council endorsed the Vote16BC campaign to reduce the voting age in British Columbia to sixteen years. 

Young people are not only politically aware and active, but are often leaders on many of the crucial issues we face today. Yet, they are not enfranchised to vote for the elected representatives whose decisions will impact their futures. It’s time to expand democratic engagement and give youth sixteen and older the vote.

That’s why the VDLC endorsed the Vote16BC campaign in May of 2020, and encouraged Vancouver City Council to do the same while also calling for action from the provincial government to make this a reality. 

Support for the June 24 motion at Vancouver City Council was widespread, including Mayor Kennedy Stewart as well as Councillors Carr, De Genova, Fry, Swanson, Wiebe, Dominato, and Bligh, as well as Councillor Boyle who submitted and championed the motion. Councillor Hardwick was absent, while Councillor Kirby-Yung abstained. 

Thank you to Mayor and Council for your support of this important campaign. 

For more information, visit the Vote16BC website.

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