VDLC Endorses Municipal Candidates

June 22, 2022

The Vancouver and District Labour Council (VDLC) has selected the candidates who will receive its endorsement in the October 15th municipal election. The endorsements were determined at the council’s regular meeting on the evening of June 21st by delegates representing its affiliated unions.

“These endorsements are the product of a months-long, rigorous process involving surveying and interviewing of potential candidates, as well as extensive dialogue and deliberation,” said President Stephen von Sychowski.

The endorsements cover the major municipalities within the VDLC’s jurisdiction, with the exception of the City of North Vancouver, and Richmond, which will be completed at the Council’s July meeting.  

 “We have endorsed strong, progressive candidates who we know can work together to tackle the difficult challenges faced by our cities, including housing and affordability, homelessness, and the opioid poisoning emergency,” von Sychowski said. “We will work hard for the election of these candidates, and we look forward to working with them over the next four years.”

VDLC Endorsed Candidates

City of Vancouver

Stewart, Kennedy

1. Bonamis, Iona
2. Boyle, Christine
3. Carr, Adriane
4. Cromwell, Ian
5. Fry, Pete
6. Norris, Matthew
7. Swanson, Jean
8. Wiebe, Michael
9. TBA
10. TBA

Vancouver School Board

1. Brown, Rory
2. Cardwell, Steve
3. Epstein, Kyla
4. Mah, Suzie
5. Reddy, Jennifer
6. Sigurdson, Krista
7. Somers, Gavin
8. Trigueros, Rocco
9. Wong, Allan

Vancouver Park Board

1. Giesbrecht, Gwen
2. Hassan, Maira
3. Irwin, John
4. Jackson, Serena
5. Livingstone, Chris
6. Rivers, Kristen
7. Stockwell, Caitlin

City of North Vancouver

To be finalized at July 19th regular meeting.

District of North Vancouver

1. Back, Jordan
2. Curren, Megan
3. Johnston, Harrison
4. Mallin, Ellison


To be finalized at July 19th regular meeting.

West Vancouver

Booth, Mary-Ann

1. Chicoine, Alexis
2. Gambioli, Nora

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