Workers’ Compensation

*Please note* beyond the materials below, up-to-date workers compensation content can be accessed via the Injured Workers Research & Advocacy Project (IWRAP) at


This WCB section is focused on compensation issues in the B.C. compensation system. The WCB system changes constantly and the material in this section is meant to supplement on-going training for advocates in this area.  

WCB advocacy training is available (on-line and in person) through

This section also profiles the history of the WCB and assesses its mandate to support and compensate injured workers – financially, medically and vocationally.

Finally, this section highlights the politics of WCB, where employers pay the cost of injuries through WCB assessments and seek to play an over-active role in how the compensation system is defined and operates.  

The material is presented in the following sections: 

  1. Key Resources for Advocates – Quick Reference Guide
  2. Key Resources – Expanded, Examined, Explained
  3. Additional B.C. Resources
  4. Medical Conditions – Research and Expert Evidence
  5. The Compensation System – Rights for Injured Workers
  6. History of B.C. Compensation System 
  7. Workers’ Stories – a bibliography